Inner Self

Why did you chose to loose yourself?

She smiled and said, “I decide to lose myself just to find my inner self!”

Did you find it?

She answered, “Yes, I am talking with it right now.”


When did you start writing?

So, someone asked me “When did you start writing?”

The question took me a few years back when I really used to love writing and then I just started to write blogs. Just sharing my thought or expressing the way I fell about things without any judgement and without any restrictions, I really used to enjoy it. It was just a hobby at first but then I gradually indulged myself more and more.

But as the time passed, everything didn’t remain the same. Things were changing and so was my willingness to write stuffs. So, I hold back, deleted all the posts and deleted the account. At that moment, it was a good decision for me.

 “You can’t stop doing things you enjoy the most”

I couldn’t help myself not writing any more. So, finally I started writing again few months back and now I don’t want to give it up, not anymore!


It is said, “If you wait , something great might happen to you”

It is also said, “You need to move on “

Both seems contradictory!

But they never state, “How long shall we wait for?” or “Is everything worth to be waited for?” or “Do we really need to move on?”

And here I feel, what’s the point of moving on when all we have to do is wait?

You need to grasp everything happening around you because you might never know when it will be lost. You need to move on with your life because who knows what future hold for you. Maybe the thing that you are waiting for isn’t worth it.

So, rather than waiting for good things to happen to you, seize every moment. Do the right thing and keep moving on with you life!

Therefore I conclude, ” Keep Moving On ! 


This just made my day!

I was on my way to home from work. I was having kinda bad day.
I took a public vehicle which was overcrowded. (as usual because of rush hour)
I got no seats. Just had to stand up, tired obviously. But after some stops, I got a seat. And that made me relived.
Then on next stop, a woman entered the vehicle carrying a child(about 2–3 years). As the vehicle was overcrowded so she didn’t get a seat. I just saw it and ask her to take my seat instead. To my amusement, she said just to hold her child and she will stand up instead. So, I hold the child. She cried first because I was a stranger and she doesn’t want to sit on my lap. But her mother asked her to sit and she was standing just beside her. So, I just grab may phone and start showing her different videos. Of course, kids these days love it. So, finally she was happy to sit with me. Then, she stated talking about many things. We talked about many things till they reach the stop. Before, she leave, she bid a bye with a big smile on the face.
This just made my day!